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Dental Implants

Dental Implants are an alternative to replacing teeth. If you are in general good health and have enough bone, Dental Implants might be suitable for you. Smile Care can examine you to determine if this procedure is the right way to go for your missing teeth. This procedure is utilized to replace missing roots and support artificial teeth. Dental Implants look exactly like natural teeth and are very comfortable once the procedure is complete and healing has taken place. Visit Smile Care for an evaluation and we will give you our expert advice.

Set Bridge

Set bridge is also called “fixed bridge” or “fixed dental prosthesis.” Bridges are used to cover gaps of one or more missing teeth and need to have healthy teeth on either side. These are permanent and cannot be removed. There are different kinds of bridges depending on the location of the missing tooth and also the health of your teeth. We can evaluate your situation and recommend the best treatment for you. We will give you pros of cons of each kind of treatment so you can make an informed decision. We care about the health of your teeth and will give you the best advice possible. Come in to our clinic for an examination and talk to our dentist at Smile Care on St. Clair.